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MTQ48 Mental Toughness AQR Psychometric Test

MTQ48 Psychometric

MTQ48 measure provides a reliable benchmark for individuals who are looking to grow their confidence, take greater control and responsibility for their work, set achievable goals and take a positive approach to challenge and change. Thus individuals and organisations become more resilient and mange stressors more effectively.

QLM helps individuals to understand the significance of their MTQ48 results and to develop a strategy for developing their mental toughness. A variety of tools and techniques are available and provided either within a workshop or through one to one coaching, or a combination of both.

To measure their growth, participants can retake the MTQ48 to identify ‘distance travelled’.

NB: completing the workshop and the MTQ48 can lead to completion of an ILM Leadership and Management unit at Level 4.

Quick Check Points

  • Used in Coaching Training Recruitment
  • Measures capacity to deal with Stressors Pressure Challenge
  • Available on-line
  • Full MT report
  • Suggestions for development

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