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ILM L3 Award and Certificate in Coaching

Coaching Team Members

This qualification in Coaching is designed for people in their first management roles, such as team leaders and first-line managers. It is ideal for individuals seeking to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to coach people as part of their normal working role.

There are three mandatory units in each qualification. ‘Understanding good practice in workplace coaching’ covers the coaching role, processes and  the abilities and qualities required to be a good coach. ‘Reflecting on workplace coaching skills’ provides tools to analyse and improve coaching performance. ‘Undertaking coaching in the workplace’ requires the planning and carrying out of at least six hours of coaching. At Certificate level, this is replaced by ‘Undertaking an extended period of coaching in the workplace’, which requires at least 36 hours of coaching.

On average Learners take 3-4 months to complete the Award and 4-8 months to complete the Certificate

Quick Check Points

  • Explore different coaching models
  • Put coaching skills to work
  • Find out how coaches coach
  • Practical assessments
  • Supervised coachng

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