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Business and Enterprise Support Professionals

QLM is approved by SFEDI and the IOEE to deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to Business and Enterprise Support Professionals. Approval extends from preparatory Awards for those new to providing support at Level 3 through to  qualifications for those professionals delivering high level and strategic business and enterprise support services at Level 7.

SFEDI qualifications available

Learning and assessment are provided within the workplace and closely mapped to the role of the Learner.
Programme delivery is organised to fit with the Learner's operational role and includes regular reviews
Programme design is based on and measured against Learner and/or Organisational objectives.

A recent client example of organisational and individual benefits of achieving a SFEDI Business and Enterprise Support qualification is published in 'Think Enterprise', the IOEE on-line journal.

Our clients include national and local organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors and individual business support professionals from diverse backgrounds.